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Ian Warrener - leading speaker expert and member of The Serious Writers Guild


I know I've said it many times before but I will always remember all the help and ideas you have nurtured in me as you have so many others, are invaluable.

China was awesome ... Ian Nightfire! [see his article - now the acclaimed speaker expert]


The effect of reading your stuff also added to my pride. I am PROUD to be a part of the greatest family and, as such, am very protective towards it too....

By the end of the first page - FIRST page - we all know our places. Now, for me, I actually loved this no end. I NEEDED to be TOLD in NO uncertain terms that *I* don't know what I'm talking about - shut up - and LISTEN! So, I did. And I actually sat at your feet and heard you. I am very fussy who my mentor is. Oh yes, very choosey but you? By heck, you spoke my language and so it was nothing to me to shut up and be told.

Dec. You're a big man. I adore you and owe you so much. You have to know this.

Bob Daulby


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4 minutes on the net with dec blog Blog "4 minutes on the Net with Dec"


You will learn more from these articles than from THREE years at music college, rock school...or gigging your heart out for ten years! Includes the famous 'Rule #1'.

But the 'real' stuff is reserved for the Members of The Serious Writers Guild who take the first program: "How To Make a $Million From Your Music"

Choose the article - click on the title link for songwriting, performing, music making success

NEW"Best Studio Gear for 2016?"
Probably the best advice available on Studio gear ... to buy or simply look at on your wish list for 2016
You don't have to buy the stuff - just know about it.

"Write a Song Everyday?"
How to get better and better at writing songs .. the way the Pros do it.

"So You Are Not Getting a Record Deal?"
How to change it all if you are not heading in the right direction for you, your band, your career.

"The 2012 update on the LATEST best home studio stuff?"
This is the late 2012 update ... the very latest gear.

"The 2011 update on the very best home studio today?"
This is the update you have been waiting for ... all the latest stuff to improve your home studio.

"The 2009 update on the best home studio thinking today?"
How to have the professional standard in your home studio - the best, for the least cost.

"So You Want to be a Roadie?"
Or maybe you want to employ one?
How to be one - or know enough so you can employ one with confidence.

"The 2008 competition."
This is the current best thinking on how a Smash hit Vocal is arrived at in the studio. This can lead to a record deal, songwriting deal, publishing deal - who knows?

~How to go from a mediocre, ordinary, vocal sound to a smash hit 'money in the bank' sound~

"My 2008 update on the Best way to get a band up and running."
This is my current best advice for getting a career moving in the music industry, songwriting, record deals. ~Dec again tells the latest secrets that give you Mega Music Career Success ~

"My 2007 update on Best Home Studio equipment and computers for Recording"
This is my current best advice for getting the best results in your home studio for the least amount of money spent. ~Dec tells the secrets that give you Mega Music Making Success ~

"How To Get the Best Results  from your  TV/Radio Interviews"
This is where you demonstrate that you have the makings of a Songwriting Super-Star ~Dec tells the secrets that give you Media success~

"How To Make the Most of Music Networking Events? "
Do you know how to make a Showcase or record launch, a Show Biz party, work for you? ~Dec tells all with a little help from Debra Fine~

"So You Want To Be A Session Guitar Player?" ... Dec, The Expert, reveals all! An Article that explains the lot - is it easy?

"The Secret Of Mega Stage Sound?" ...The Expert reveals all! An Article by Ian Warrener of 'Nightfire'.

"The Secret Of Making A Record?" ....The nuts and bolts of the whole thing!

"HOME STUDIO - THE BEST YOU CAN GET?" ....Your home-made music need not cost a fortune!

"DEMOS vs RECORDS” "....Demos are out –– Records are in. “No one makes demos anymore, everyone makes records"!

"Make a record in your bedroom "....How did Daniel Beddingfield do it?

"The Art of Getting That Important 'Publicity"....Hitting the Headlines !

"How to be a Pop Star in 12 'not so easy' lessons!".....Aimed at the young...but anyone can learn a lot from this.

"The Best Way to Record Acoustic, Classical or Spanish Guitar?".....Knowledge from the experts and the Guv'nor adds his own specialist ideas.

"How To Get A Job As A Staffwriter".....Dec shows how other successful songwriters confirm everything he says and Molly Ann-Leiken.

“Monitors, loudspeakers, P.A.....the mysteries unravelled!".....Dec reveals his personal choice of speakers and the why's and wherefore's of speakers and monitors.

"Reverb - Effects".....the Pro's get it so right, why do the Novices get it so wrong?

"String Section recording with a synth? HOW?" The real mysteries of classy and POP string arranging revealed at last"

"Norman, Fat Boy and ME" ...a fun article on 'getting it right' with your studio equipment just like Fat Boy Slim (and Dec)..after 'The Brits'....learn from the masters...

A Guitar Genius spills the beans! Into great acoustic guitar sound? this one is for you.

Rule #1 Forget this rule at your peril!

A fairy story Lessons from a football star that could change your musical life.

Comedy, music with a lot on management Be dangerous!

You've written a Hit song Now what?

Courtney Love, Britney Spears Do they make money?

Gordon Giltrap, the greatest acoustic guitar genius talks about composing A 'must read' for all music writers/composers/musicians

We do not condone money grabbing music sites we get knocked for saying this, but we mean it!
"Dec and work?"

Dec and Gordon Giltrap at work?

More will be added soon. Bookmark this page and check for additions. free songwriting, music, producing and music making tips

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