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"They LAUGHED when I said I would write a HIT RECORD...
but when they heard it in the charts"

4 Minutes with Dec How to make money with your music

So you fancy yourself as a Songwriter/ Mega Superstar/ Incredible Music Writing Talent......?

How many times have you been told by friends, family, loved ones that you should be in the Hit Parade? Every time you or anyone else sings your stuff everyone says: "You should be in the charts instead of that rubbish I hear on the radio"


I’ll tell you why......

Because you don't have the first idea how to, that's why! Oh, you might convince yourself that you know all about the industry (or at least your pal Charlie knows) BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW? That is not said to insult you ... or denigrate you... or upset you ......

Trust me, you haven’t a clue. That is the truth! But here’s the GOOD NEWS:

I DO! And I will help you...that's a promise.

"I have something exciting to tell you, and who is it that's telling you?"

My name is Dec Cluskey.

You probably know me as the respected hit recorder of loads of '60's' and '70's' songs in the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, in fact, the World, with my band 'The Bachelors', with gold million sellers like: 'Diane’, 'I Believe', ‘Charmaine’, ‘Ramona’......so many I can hardly remember myself. We outsold ‘The Beatles’ in 1964 and 1965...Check it out for yourself and you'll see it's all TRUE. My records have sold tens of millions, we even had two Hits in the Top Five at the same time…just released our 75th [yes, seventy fifth] album. Perhaps you have heard my songs or seen me on television.

Dec in Action making money from music

In 2008 I had TWO gold records and charted at Number 5 in the Radio One National Album chart.

First Irish band to ever have an International Number One. Nowadays, I am also a respected producer, advisor, and, for 20 years, Trustee of the most prestigious Show Biz. Charity Organisation in the world.

That's all I'll tell you about me, now over to YOU.....

I receive hundreds of demo's, CD's, videos, phone calls, E.Mails, letters, from writers, musicians, band members, singers. All are desperate to make lots of money from their music. And what's more...

These People All Want E X A C T L Y The Same Thing!

Yep, that's right. Hundreds of different people from all over the country and the world, totally unconnected with each other, all having EXACTLY the same desires! Uncanny isn't it? And yet I’ll be prepared to make a little wager that you have the same desires too.

"Let me tell you what all music makers (and I mean ALL) want:-"

1. Loads and loads of fame and money - plus a lifetime stream of income. You can always give it away, if the idea offends you.

2. A legal, practical and ethical way of earning this money from making music.

3. A music career which they could run part-time (evenings and weekends) until they proved that it worked, and then move into it full-time.

4. A music career which they could run regardless of their age, sex or race.

5. And last but not least, a music 'money making machine' which is FUN as well as being HIGHLY LUCRATIVE with little or no investment.

Sounds pretty good eh? What's that? You wouldn't mind a slice of this action yourself! You see ...... I was right all along.....

O.K., so all these people call me, Email me, and ask if I know how they can be successful. And I answer with a letter or Email saying: “Yes, I DO know as it happens!”

Talking to all these people on the phone would be a chore, I don't mind telling you. Want to know how a busy guy like me manages to deal with 400+ emails a day? Simple.........


Because people ask me the same question over and over again, I have a number of standard Emails replies and letters on my computer, which I reel-out to suit the occasion [I personally answer one music question from any non-member - full members get my personal direct phone number and can ask as many questions as they like].

Guess which letter gets reeled-out so often it's starting to wear a groove in my hard disc?

You've guessed it. The letter which tells these people exactly how to fulfil ALL of their desires, AND THEN SOME.

Not convinced? Check out my members successes to the left...plenty more at APPLAUSE PAGE

All to good to be true? A scam? A 'Get rich Quick Scheme'?

Email me now....this second...ask me a music question or a question to help you....see how quick I reply PERSONALLY ....then just see how I love to help music guys achieve exactly what I achieved. Loads of hits, Gold and Platinum's, plus Number Ones....just click on the link: dec@makehits.co.uk to contact me direct. Or call our office: UK 01323.728005 or International +44.1323.728005

Now obviously I'm teasing you a little here. Why don't I come right out and tell all about A SUCCESS METHOD which will make you lots of money in music, working from home, in your spare time - doing what you love? Patience, patience, I promise that I will reveal all in a moment. But first, ask ME a question. If this way is supposed to be so wonderful, why don't I do it myself instead of rabbiting on about it?

"Well, oh cynical one, the answer to that question is this:-"

I spend every minute of my working day operating EXACTLY this way. I will not touch ANY other business because ALL other businesses are FEEBLE when compared with my Music Business .... and I've tried quite a few in my time. Do you know how much I get from a NUMBER ONE? Do you know how much fun I get from a NUMBER ONE? [How much did I earn last year from my hits, for instance?] This is the ONLY business worthy of my time or your time, and this is the ONLY business I recommend to people who happily pay up to £2,500 a shot for my advice and words of wisdom.

I'm talking about your business, the noble art of making music .... WRITING MUSIC, PERFORMING MUSIC, COMPOSING, PRODUCING…WHATEVER .... that’s what I said !

I don't mean actually having the knowledge or the expertise to sit down and write the dots to a spectacular worldwide No. 1. Incidentally ANYONE can write a No. 1, and I'll tell you how, and how to get it played and achieve success with it.

Heard enough? Do you want to join the program and get on the road to success immediately?

CLICK HERE to enter the secure payment options area "as secure as when you buy in your local shop"

Let me tell you here and now, in this life, there is NO OTHER BUSINESS WORTH CONSIDERING. Oh, I'm not saying that you can't make a buck out of selling garden compost, or running a Kebab take-away shop.

But I AM saying that no other business offers such a realistic chance of making serious money, and certainly no other business can be operated so effortlessly from the comfort of your own studio/ office/ living room/ kitchen/ garden ... even your car...

‘THE SERIOUS WRITERS’ business is where you say to people:- “Hello Punter. I'm a bit broke at the moment. so could you see your way clear to sending me a $thousand? Thanks awfully. Yours Dec Cluskey”

I don't advise you actually TRY saying this of course... Although, come to think of it, it might be worth a try .... Hmmmmmm..........

Now, I only invite people who I think might be the sort of person interested in joining my elite and select group, a group I call 'THE SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD'. This web page is by way of an invitation to you to apply for a place (not everyone is accepted). You should clearly understand that I never advertise directly for people to join this group. After vetting, Membership is strictly on my personal invitation. However, I am not certain that you are right for this group. I may have only spoken to you once, or maybe you Emailed me. I don't know you, and we've never met, so excuse me if I take a little time in this mail to try to eliminate you from applying! I don't want to waste your time, and (far more important for me, I don't want you to waste my valuable time if you are not going to benefit long-term from our relationship).

The 'heavy duty' 10 month programs within 'The Serious Writers Guild' are not for the faint hearted, so I have to eliminate the time wasters and 'tire kickers'. Let's do that straight away...make your mind up now....are you a serious music maker?

Don't even think about answering: 'maybe'. If you think this is a web page flogging a boring 'get rich quick' music scheme...forget it. You will not get any glossy, over priced, part work course from me....you will, however, sign up for some serious hard work that will make your dreams come true.

"Sounds mysterious? It's supposed to be! You'll see why, later."

First of all, let me ask you three questions:

1. Would you let me show you how to obtain money, freedom and power from your music?

2. Would you let me do this at no risk whatsoever to yourself? (Put bluntly, give me one month to make you richer, more free and more powerful or pay me nothing - not a single penny piece.)

3. Would you let me give you awesome song writing power. And astonishing music know-how to MAKE A £MILLION FROM YOUR MUSIC?

I want you to be unimaginably famous, wealthy, unimaginably powerful and unimaginably happy, having FUN - with your own music. If you are accepted, I will personally guide you to these goals as I have guided many others. You get my personal, private, telephone number in my studio. Also my SKYPE contact [free Internet phone and video phone]

I am not prepared to reveal any more in this web-page, because you have not applied or been accepted. Everything will be explained to you if you are fortunate enough to get in. Of course, it goes without saying that the methods I show you plus the music tricks and know-how are 100% LEGAL AND ETHICAL.

I’m sure you have many questions about ‘THE SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD’, but I dare not answer them at this stage. However, to save any misunderstandings on your part, I will make the following statements:-

Unlike others who offer so-called 'business opportunities' I have made many £Millions. This is not said to impress you, it's to show that I 'walk my talk'. I made my pile years ago. And still make it.

Now I get my kicks from helping others to do the same.

"When you reach the top it is your duty to send the elevator back down for the next one"

- Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey and now, Dec Cluskey

Sure, I make good money from MUSIC - I can’t help it...it’s called residual royalties.....and touring world-wide...but that’s not the main reason I do it. Oh yes, I just love helping people make a fortune! Making $Millions from your music is easy. It’s only hard work ! Once you know HOW!

"How do I get on the Program?"

Because there are only a few places available (my time is limited), this Web Page is the one and only chance you will be offered, to apply for a place. Please reply in the next SEVEN DAYS or your place will be offered to someone else. If you subsequently enquire about 'THE SERIOUS WRITER'S GUILD', then we may well deny it even exists!

Best Regards

How To Make Money with music - Dec in action


PS: You can achieve great wealth, power and personal freedom. Yes it really IS possible. I have helped hundreds along this path over the years.

PPS: This is an honest risk-free offer. There is no catch. If you are not happy with the monthly releases or the offer, your payment will be returned promptly and courteously and you will owe nothing. You may also keep all the releases which will make any business explode with success as a complimentary gift from me - totally free of charge. I can make this remarkable offer because I know that once you see the materials, ten times the cost would not be enough to bribe you to give them up.

PPPS: Reply within SEVEN DAYS and get a remarkable BONUS: "So Your Thinking of Mastering". The secrets of how to make your demo sound like the pro records in the chart [worth $39.97] The number of places is strictly limited each year so act now, today.

Finally:- It chokes me to even have to say this, but its a sign of the times, I'm afraid. ‘THE SERIOUS WRITER'S GUILD’ is NOT some cheap and cheerful stupid 'Rock School' course, MLM scam, 'money game', or 'chain publishing' rubbish. Sorry, but recently my very genuine efforts to help people have been washed aside in a torrent of Email scams which have undoubtedly poured into your letter box and email box.

Please if you do nothing else, stop everything and think of what you really want your future to be, consider your position as a potential 'SERIOUS WRITER', or drop in to see me to prove that I'm REAL and GENUINE. Hey! Give me ten minutes warning...I’ve got to warm the coffee.

Heard enough, want to join the program and get on the road to success immediately?

CLICK HERE - to look at the secure payment options area "as secure as when you buy in your local shop"

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